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The Vision & Values That Guide Us Forward

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Our Vision

To become the go-to agency for SEO in the Nordics.

Nucleus is a company that strongly believes in SEO and it’s requirement to be an integral part of any businesses marketing strategy.

We are here to work with you and your teams to elevate SEO within your organisation to unlock the growth that is at your fingertips.

With a strong track record of consistently delivering SEO growth with a combined experience of 20+ years – we have now come to a place of our own to offer this to you.

We aim to bring our experience of working for multiple agencies and with clients from all over the world to Nucleus – to become the go-to agency for SEO in the Nordics.

Our Core Values


We have a strong desire to investigate problems and find solutions. We won't settle if we don't know the answer, we will research, test & learn.


We work and win together. To achieve the best results, we spend a large amount of time learning about your business and industry.


Data sits at the heart of every element of our SEO strategy. Understanding the market and its consumers is key to make better marketing decisions.

Results Oriented

We measure our success against the core KPIs agreed at the very start. There will never be any smoke and mirrors in our communications.

We are extremetly passionate about SEO

We are founded by two Brits and we are sure that you will see that bleed through in cups of tea being offered to you and our awful slang and catchphrases. 

With over 20 years of experience within SEO and multiple award wins at different agencies – we are now here putting our stake in the ground and opening a shop of our own.

We have spent time in-house, freelancing, as well at multiple product offering agencies. When we look deep inside, we are SEO. We love the subject and we want to dedicate 100% to this channel. 

This means you are getting the best specialists within this subject matter that really care. 

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Understanding your business is our priority

We run a thorough onboarding process to understand what is important to you as a stakeholder in your company, as well as to the company itself. We then align to both, prioritise with you and execute with constant debriefs and performance evaluations. 

SEO can be misunderstood – driving traffic is not the measure of success. Driving qualitative traffic is. To do this, we gain knowledge from you about what drives business growth by asking the right questions. Based on this information, we are then armed with the right information to create the right strategy for you. Our SEO strategies are tailored towards what you need.

SEO is not about ticking boxes.

Education leads to growth & success

We are firm believers in educating everyone from the C-suite to the Interns on why SEO is important for a business. That way, we achieve maximum buy in and are able to execute with minimal hesitation and roadblocks. We want to work with other internal teams towards our SEO goals – this includes PPC, PR, UX, CRO, Development, Partnerships etc. Everyone has a role to play.

We don’t want to just deliver SEO growth, but a roadmap for you to execute this in-house in the future. You heard it, and you’re probably surprised, you’re used to agencies wanting to cash in over a long period of time. That’s not us. We take pride in achieving SEO growth for your business and then handing over the reins to a happy team – if that’s what your mid-long term strategy is.

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we prioritise our employee's health

Burnout is rife within our market due to the high stress of delivering results on a limited timeframe. Expectations on ourselves are high and we are pressured to deliver the results that we believe are possible, even though we are one small part of your business wheel.

We look after our staff, understand their needs to maintain a healthy work-life balance and we hope you as our clients also facilitate this. This means functional meetings and when necessary, helping us rather than hindering us and creating a strong team spirit. It also means that our consultants prioritise physical and mental wellbeing over internal business and client work at times. 

With a combination of asycnhronous working and professional help available at all times – our staff and thus, our clients, will thrive.