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Sense check the below areas that we believe are vital to achieving both great SEO results and positive working relationship.

Our joint efforts are most realised when we are able to work together with passionate team members at your company. This means internal developers, marketing, PR and more cross-functional teams. Our experience is that this ranges between at least 1-10 people.

We explore both longterm strategies that we collaborate on, but also short-term opportunities or trends that appear. This means being able to jump on this swiftly is key to ensure we capitalise and do not miss out. 

We work on the base principles of trust and a joint investment and interest in SEO. We like to receive and give 100% transparent feedback so we can move forward at all times. This means we put a lot of effort into ensuring all day-to-day working methods work both for you, and us.

SEO is moving further and further away from a checkbox list of items to fix and improve. We always look at ways to improve your overall offering if applicable, to move you above and beyond the competition whilst also impressing your customers. This could mean new content formats, removing conversion friction areas and pushing the boundary of how your industry has always done things. 

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We are located in the heart of Stockholm and you can find us on the following social media for expert SEO tips & insights.